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A new way of listening to music while having your ears totally free
Aeerum earphones don't hurt your ears! Particularly beneficial for people with hearing problems
Practice sports with peace of mind and safety
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Listen to music and receive calls while remaining aware of what's going on around you

Does your ears hurt after listening to music for a long time? Do you suffer from hearing problems and find it difficult to listen to music with your traditional earphones? We have a possible solution!

Bone conduction earphones

They do not obstruct the ear canal

They allow safe sports practice

Easily paired to the cell phone

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Can you skip to a different song?
Yes, you can skip songs, turn up the volume, pause, and resume song playback.
Do they support Android?
Yes, they support 99% of the devices.
Are the calls audible?
Yes, they're excellent for calling, you can hear and be clearly heard.
Are there any offers available?
Yes, they have a 50% off launch promo.